Testimonial – Lana Galkovskaja

Systemic Psychotherapist (Family Therapist) at Spirasi

I actually would have no hesitation to recommend John in facilitating groups in the field of mindfulness and addiction to anyone. I believe who ever will have an experience of attending John’s groups will benefit immensely.  John did facilitate groups for Rehab in Dublin Simon Community for couple of years. I have been present at some of his groups. Every time I was amazed at a level of a skills John has. His groups were one of the most favourites among our clients. Possibly he had the best attendance by the people as well. I have learned as professional a lot about how to facilitate groups on mindfulness and addiction. As a human being I always felt at peace after those groups. There was a lot of compassion, understanding and challenging in a very tentative, person centered way in the groups facilitated by John.