• Testimonial – Catherine Dowling

    Author, Group Facilitator

    I took a meditation class with John in Milltown Institute in Dublin over twenty years ago. I am still reaping the benefits of that class. John is an excellent group-worker – patient, non-judgmental, a great teacher who knows his material. I’ve recommended his classes to many people.

  • Testimonial – Noelle Goggin

    I was lucky enough to get a place in John Doherty’s New Year Mindfulness Retreat, a month on and I’m still feeling the benefits. For me, this retreat was powerful, from both the perspective of the timing (goodbye last year, hello New Year) and the format of the retreat and his teachings/practice.

    John did an amazing job at leading a group of people who were at different places in their lives and their spiritual practices. For me it wrapped everything together and helped me deepen my understanding of what I already knew and bringing in some new perspectives. Weeks later and some of the key messages come back to me daily. Thank you so much John, for creating this beautiful time and space for us and helping me to connect more deeply to who I truly am!

  • Testimonial – Dr. Edward Kelly

    My wife and I really enjoyed John’s recent mindfulness and meditation retreat in Wicklow. This is not my first time attending one of John’s retreats and won’t be my last. He is a great teacher and facilitator and the food, they don’t tell you enough about the food, it’s just fantastic. Well done Joe, what a treat. John is not just a very good facilitator though, he is also a very good teacher. His 25 years experience as a teacher and meditator comes from him very naturally. For instance, I welcomed his distinction between ‘Mindfulness, Meditation and Contemplation’. As he explained, with Mindfulness you are developing your observation of yourself, others and the world around you. With Meditation you are letting go of the habitual thoughts and feelings, moving from thinking to sensing, from head into connecting with the heart. And with Contemplation you are investigating at a deeper level, listening into yourself and your underlying patterns, while also connecting into to something other than yourself. I look forward to the next one.

  • Testimonial – Carolanne Henry

    Director of Public Relations at All Hallows College

    John led the Art of Stillness course at All Hallows College for over 10 years. A personal enrichment course in contemplative living, it was consistently one of the most popular of our community and lifelong learning courses. Participants’ feedback from the course spoke of John’s wonderful facilitation skills, his passion for his subject as well as his obvious knowledge and experience in the Mindfulness field. Personally, I have always found John to be very personable and professional to deal with, bringing fresh ideas and imagination to his facilitation and teaching style. Highly recommended!

  • Testimonial – Fr. Eugene Curran

    Vice-President, All Hallows College

    John has presented his courses in Art of Stillness and Deep Stillness and Sacred Stillness in All Hallows College for many years both at non-accredited and at Degree level. Participants at all academic levels sing his praises. He is a dedicated and creative teacher and has made Spirituality accessible to many. I have been particularly impressed by his flexibility of approach which is allied to a depth of understanding and knowledge.

  • Testimonial – Trish Banks

    Trish Banks – Artist and Holistic Therapist


    Last year my usual New Year’s retreat was cancelled and quiet by chance I got a place on John’s. I was soon to realise that someone up there was really looking out for me because it was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. I enjoy any gathering of like minded people but add to that John’s good humour and reverence for ritual, his mindful structure for the whole retreat and his attention people’s needs made it all so much more meaningful. At first I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the times of silence but I found the reality comforting and restful to be with people without having to talk. The grounds and surrounding area is beautiful. The accommodation is great, the food is great. No the food is fantastic! Jo adds so much to the experience with her thoughtful planning of every meal and her easy style of presentation that informs you into a new way of engaging with food. I chose to stay for the four days and was so glad I did. It felt like two different retreats as the last two days dropped the whole experience to a deeper level. I remember thinking at the time that it seemed very appropriate to have a different feel to the first days of the year and what a way to start. I can happily recommend this retreat and will be delighted to do it again myself this year. Hopefully I’ll see you there. =)