Master Class in Spiritual Counselling

Workshop: An Integrative Journey to Personal and Spiritual Wellbeing

I. Workshop Overview: This transformative workshop seeks to integrate counselling principles with spiritual practices, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of personal and spiritual growth. Through interactive sessions, participants will explore the interplay between presenting issues, underlying concerns, primal wounds, defences, and the pathway to freedom, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

II. Workshop Structure:

  1. The Presenting Issue:
    • Objective: Identify and comprehend the surface-level presenting issues that individuals commonly face in counselling settings.
    • Activities: Role-playing scenarios, case studies, and group discussions to recognize and empathize with diverse presenting issues.
  2. The Underlying Issue:
    • Objective: Explore traditional counselling methods to unveil the root causes of psychological distress and understand their interconnectedness with spiritual dimensions.
    • Activities: Guided self-reflection exercises, case analysis, and discussions on integrating counselling techniques with spiritual awareness.
  3. The Primal Wound:
    • Objective: Introduce the concept of the primal wound and its psychological and spiritual implications.
    • Activities: Guided meditation, storytelling, and group sharing to help participants identify and acknowledge their primal wounds.
  4. Main Defences and Compensation:
    • Objective: Examine common defence mechanisms and compensatory behaviours, both psychological and spiritual, that individuals adopt.
    • Activities: Group exercises, role-playing, and case studies to recognize and discuss various defence mechanisms and compensations.
  5. Pathway to Freedom:
    • Objective: Provide practical tools, strategies, and integrated approaches for participants to guide themselves and others towards personal and spiritual freedom.
    • Activities: Interactive workshops, mindfulness practices, and small-group discussions to develop personalized pathways to freedom.

III. Target Audience: This workshop is suitable for counsellors, therapists, spiritual practitioners, and individuals interested in an integrated approach to personal and spiritual well-being.

IV. Duration and Format: The workshop is designed as a full-day immersive experience, blending presentations, experiential activities, and group discussions to cater to diverse learning styles.

V. Expected Outcomes: Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • A deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between psychological and spiritual well-being.
  • Enhanced skills in recognizing and addressing presenting issues, underlying concerns, and primal wounds.
  • Strategies to integrate counselling techniques with spiritual practices for comprehensive healing.
  • Personalized pathways to freedom for themselves and those they may guide in their professional or personal capacities.

VI. Facilitator: The workshop will be facilitated by John F. Doherty, a seasoned counsellor and spiritual practitioner with expertise in integrative approaches to personal and spiritual development for over 25 years

VII. Conclusion: This workshop aims to bridge the gap between counselling and spirituality, empowering participants to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. By embracing both psychological and spiritual dimensions, individuals can cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and others, fostering resilience, compassion, and a sense of purpose.