Empowered Relationships

How to create empowering relationships

10 week course

How to Create Empowered Relationships can teach you to embrace your true self with confidence, so that you can enjoy harmony when relating to others, be at home in your own skin and feel in charge of your life.

This September we begin this Personal Development training Certificate to grow and understand the unconscious dynamics of our relationships.

Monday evenings 7pm to 9.30pm GMT

10 weeks with Maria Jesus and John Doherty

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Investment €600

What are you going to learn in this course?

Empowered relationships consist of learning to love yourself more through the experience of being with another person, be it your parents, partners, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

If you don’t like who you are in someone’s presence, know that you have no power to change the other person, but you have all the power to change the perception of who you are by learning to be more assertive and aware of the emotional games you play. you are playing .

Freedom occurs when we take responsibility for our unconscious and see things as they really are.

When we are able to see ourselves beyond the reflection of what we think we are, we connect with our AUTHENTICITY.

In this course we will learn to create more conscious and healthy relationships, by identifying unconscious patterns that usually arise in them. This way you will be able to enjoy more conscious and profound unions, where Respect everyone’s freedom. It also helps create healthy boundaries and to respect them. resolve blockages emotional problems that prevent you from enjoying healthy relationships. and it’s a tool really effective emotional management and personal development.

What does the course consist of?

–  10 weeks of online face to face training- with María Jesús Marín Lopez , Expert Relationship Coach and John Doherty, Expert in Personal and Spiritual Development

What are you going to achieve?

–  Work on your own process personal development and the improvement of your relationships, from a healthy process, of love and trust in yourself.

–  You will discover the many benefits of Coaching for Couples and Conscious Relationships

–  Your relationships will improve at all levels: emotional, family, friendship and work.


• Empower yourself to feel like yourself again a complete person and enjoy a full life.

• Being who you really are, without living influenced by patterns, external impositions or unfounded fears.

• Improve self-confidence yourself, working on self-love and acceptance.

• Recognize and silence voices negative internal, as well as the conditioning established by the parents.

• Know better the multiple aspects of your being and how difficult situations bring to light wounds of childhood or adolescence

• Become aware of the people and situations that cause you pain.

• Get away from the emotional drama and projected by loved ones.

• Differentiate conscious suffering of the unconscious, as a priority requirement for the transformation and healing.

• Recognize and integrate “hidden parts”, the shadows that we do not accept.

• Practice “No Judgment” your own pain and that of others

• Learn to be more compassionate with yourself and other people.

• Set healthy boundaries in the relationships.

• Use assertiveness as healthy empowerment tool.

• Realize that as that you integrate your wounds, you will attract some people or others.

• Work on blame and responsibility for how others feel.

• Take responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions.

• Get more freedom and honesty in your choices and actions.

• Discover the qualities of soul, the most positive and honest side of each person.

Course Modules

Module One

Feminine and Masculine Energy

26th September 2022

We will delve into the feminine and masculine energies and the importance of knowing how they work to establish healthy relationships.

We will explore the concept of duality, to find the balance between two extremes, and thus facilitate integration and understanding with oneself and with other people.

Module Two

Inner Father and Mother

03rd October 2022

You will be able to heal possible wounds related to relationships with our parents, with absences or lack of affection. We will learn to be our own internal parents, to satisfy all those needs that perhaps were not covered as children or adolescents and, currently, cause us to suffer or have important blockages. We learn to connect with our inner parents in order to nurture our inner child.

Module Three

Inner Child

10th October 2022

We will teach you to connect with your inner child, so that you recognize it, take care of it, listen to it and love it. But always from an adult and conscious position, giving him what he needs, with the aim that his injuries or shortcomings cannot influence your current life.

Module Four

Victim Archetype

17th October 2022

We will discover what is behind positioning yourself as a victim and the consequences it has on our relationships. You will learn to recover your inner strength and your power, abandoning guilt. It is important to know that what we attract is what we currently are.

Module Five

Saboteur Archetype

24th October 2022

It is important to be aware that we ourselves can be our worst spoilers. We will teach you to stop boycotting yourself, to stop resisting change. We will help you overcome your fears so that you can achieve all your purposes.

Resistance and fear of change, the gift that brings the fear of acting in accordance with one’s own values.

Module Six

The Wound of Rejection and abandonment

31st October 2022 No Class for Halloween

07th November 2022

You will understand why no one has the power to reject you or abandon you or make you feel undervalued or unwanted. We will help you recognize your true source of love, so that you stop needing to receive love to feel like a whole person.

Module Seven

The Wound of Separation

14th November 2022

We will work on different very important concepts in a relationship: separation and codependency. The objective is that you can connect with yourself, feel calmer as a person and manage to establish balanced and harmonious relationships.

Module Eight


21st November 2022

In this lesson you will learn how to set healthy boundaries with yourself and the people around you. But it is also important to realize that we have to respect the limits of others and their freedom. You will learn to let go of the need to control.

Module Nine


28th November 2022

You will know what the illusory ego is, what we think we are and you will learn to handle tools that take you away from the fear of your most authentic self, working from a place of love and self-confidence.

Module Ten

Empowered Relationships

5th December 2022

By the end of the course, you will know how to “co-create” healthy and empowered relationships. And above all, you will be ready to enjoy them and have a more complete, happy life full of healthy love.



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    Empowered Relationships 10 Week Course