The Mystic Program

Mindfulness & Spiritual Wellbeing Training

This teacher training program was designed to bring Spirituality and Spiritual Wellbeing back into Modern Mindfulness practice. I use the term Modern to denote most MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) type approaches where all the Buddhist elements and spiritual language has been removed to give Mindfulness a secular acceptability and an empirical evidential basis.

I applaud the accessibility this has allowed Modern Mindfulness to attain, being taught in companies, recommended by doctors and health practitioners alike. My aim is to take the same approach with Spirituality and Spiritual Wellbeing. To make it universally acceptable and available to all people regardless of their beliefs, traditions or faith.

It is something that has been missing. To acknowledge there is a spiritual domain that is universally accessible regardless of a persons beliefs. I´m offering this teacher training program for teachers and practitioners of Modern Mindfulness and others who want to add this toolkit to their practice and teaching. It is build on the same scaffolding as MBSR using the MBI-TAC assessment criteria to evaluate a teachers progress but also adds another layer to expand the teaching and practices and bring the tools to access the Spiritual domain.

Next In-Person 10 Day Intensive Training Retreat

Single Room en-suite with Full board: €800

Program Investment: €2200

Course Overview: This Personal or Professional Training Program will take place over 10 days of in-person training and practice. The program is divided into four modules. Each Module is taught over two days.

Module One cites the practice and teaching of mindfulness for personal development and stress relief. It offers a refresher for Mindfulness practitioners and teachers while introducing the Model of Mindfulness and Spiritual Wellbeing and its accompanying Process Model.

Module Two introduces spirituality and spiritual wellbeing and how to combine the teaching and practices with mindfulness in an inclusive way.

Module Three looks at different religious traditions and philosophies of life and how the language and approach is the same or changes according to the context.

Finally, Module Four brings all the teaching together and offers an exploration of how to design and deliver teaching and practice for Mindful based Spiritual Wellbeing.

Upon completion students will be offered a Certificate of Attendance (for personal development) or a Certificate of Completion (with assessment for Professional Development) accredited by The Beehive Mindfulness School.

Module Overview: Foundations in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Insight Meditation (Level 1)

Welcome to Level 1: Foundations in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Insight Meditation, a transformative journey into the essence of inner exploration. This module, unfolds a rich tapestry of lessons designed to lay the groundwork for your mindfulness and contemplative practices.

Here’s an overview of the key components awaiting your exploration:

Japanese Tea Ceremony: We open the program with the meditative beauty of a Japanese tea ceremony, discovering its profound connection to mindfulness practices.

The Mystic Model: Explore the Mystic Model as a guiding framework for comprehending the transformative journey within.

The Mystic Process: Uncover the stages of the Mystic Process and their alignment with your personal and spiritual growth.

Mindfulness: Develop or refresh a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness as a foundational practice for inner exploration.

Three Areas of Intelligence: Explore the interconnected realms of emotional, somatic, and cognitive intelligence within the context of mindfulness.

The Observer Self : Reflect on the concept of the Observer Self and its pivotal role in cultivating self-awareness.

Working with the Critic: Navigate the inner critic constructively through mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness: Working with the Heart : Discover the heart-centered aspects of mindfulness and their transformative potential for loving kindness.

Mindfulness and Gut Awareness GQ : Explore the connection between mindfulness and gut awareness for holistic well-being.

Formal Meditation Practice : Engage in formal meditation practices to deepen your connection with stillness and presence.

Movements in Meditation : Explore the integration of mindful movements into your meditation practice for a holistic approach.

Silence as a Teacher: Embrace the profound teachings found in moments of silence and stillness.

Facilitating Mindfulness: Guiding a Practice : Develop the skills to guide mindfulness practices, fostering a supportive environment for others.

The Mystic Program Recommended Reading List: Enhance your understanding with a curated list of recommended readings, drawing from various wisdom traditions.

Embark on this enlightening journey as you build the foundational skills and insights needed for a transformative exploration of mindfulness and meditation. Let the inner journey unfold!

Module Overview: Opening to Spiritual Awareness & Developing Wisdom (Level 2)

Welcome to Level 2: Opening to Spiritual Awareness & Developing Wisdom, a profound exploration into the realms of spiritual intelligence and the evolution of consciousness. Module Two unfolds a rich tapestry of lessons designed to deepen your spiritual understanding and cultivate wisdom. Here’s a glimpse of what this transformative module entails:

The Art of Smudging: Discover the ancient practice of smudging, exploring its spiritual significance and its role in cleansing rituals.

The Mystic Process: Revisit and deepen your understanding of the Mystic Process as it relates to spiritual awareness and personal transformation.

Magic – Mundane – Mystery: Explore the dynamic journey through life stages, moving from the magical, to the mundane, and ultimately embracing the mystery of existence.

Working with Mystery & Meaning: Delve into the exploration of mystery and meaning, connecting with the profound aspects of existence that transcend the mundane.

Working with Spiritual Intelligence: Understand and harness the innate intelligence of your spirit, exploring how it shapes your perceptions and understanding of the world.

IQ – Intelligence of the Thinking Mind: Reflect on the intelligence of the thinking mind, recognizing the cognitive aspect of your consciousness.

EQ (EI) – Emotional Intelligence of the Heart : Explore the emotional intelligence residing in the heart, gaining insights into the role of emotions in your spiritual journey.

GQ – Gut Intelligence of the Instinctual Mind (Regulation): Delve into the instinctual mind and its intelligence residing in the gut, understanding its role in regulation and instinctive decision-making.

Map of Consciousness: Explore a comprehensive map of consciousness, guiding you through different states of awareness and understanding.

Working with the Gut – Heart & Mind and Spiritual Awareness: Integrate the intelligence of the gut, heart, and mind, aligning them harmoniously to deepen your spiritual awareness.

Embark on this enlightening journey as you open yourself to spiritual awareness, navigate the realms of wisdom, and delve into the profound mysteries that enrich the human experience. Let the exploration of spiritual intelligence and wisdom unfold in Module Two!

Module Overview: Exploring Faith Traditions (Level 3)

Embark on a profound journey of cultural and spiritual exploration with Module 3: Exploring Faith Traditions. Module Three offers a comprehensive lesson plan to guide you through the rich tapestry of diverse faith traditions. Here’s a preview of what this illuminating module encompasses:

Lesson Plan: Immerse yourself in a carefully curated lesson plan designed to deepen your understanding of various faith traditions.

Irish Celtic Blessing: Experience the beauty and depth of an Irish Celtic Blessing, delving into its cultural and spiritual significance.

The Mystic Model : Revisit the Mystic Model as a guiding framework, understanding its application in the context of diverse faith traditions.

The Mystic Process : Deepen your understanding of the Mystic Process, recognizing its universal relevance across different spiritual paths.

The Mystic Short Form (Qi-Gong): Engage with the condensed Mystic Short Form, providing a succinct yet potent framework for spiritual exploration.

RQ Religious Intelligence: Explore Religious Intelligence (RQ) and its role in fostering understanding and respect across diverse religious perspectives.

Stages of Life and Images of God or Oneness : Examine the intersections between life stages and the evolving perceptions of God or Oneness within various faith traditions.

Silence as a Teacher : Embrace the transformative teachings found in the profound silence that permeates many faith traditions.

Embark on a quest of spiritual and cultural discovery as you explore faith traditions, drawing wisdom from diverse sources and deepening your understanding of the universal aspects that connect humanity’s spiritual journey. Module Three invites you to uncover the threads that weave through different faiths, fostering appreciation, respect, and a richer spiritual tapestry. Let the exploration of faith traditions unfold in this enlightening module!

Module Overview: Mindfulness & Spirituality Design and Teaching (Level 4)

Embark on an advanced exploration of Mindfulness & Spirituality Design and Teaching with Module 4, a module designed to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of spiritual practices across traditions. Module Four provides a meticulously crafted lesson plan to guide you through the intricacies of Mindfulness & Spirituality exploration. Here’s a glimpse of what this enriching module encompasses:

The Mystic Long Form (Qi-Gong): Delve into the expansive Mystic Long Form, unlocking its intricate layers and understanding its application in Mindfulness & Spirituality practices.

Stages of a Practice (Recipe) : Explore the nuanced stages of a spiritual practice akin to crafting a recipe, recognizing the essential ingredients that contribute to a transformative journey.

Language (Domain Relevance) : Refine your use of language in Mindfulness & Spirituality contexts, ensuring domain relevance and effective communication that bridges diverse spiritual traditions.

Measuring Outcomes : Develop the skills to measure and assess the outcomes of Mindfulness & Spirituality practices, gauging their impact and relevance in diverse spiritual settings.

Embark on this advanced module as you hone your abilities to design and teach across spiritual traditions, cultivating a deep appreciation for the diversity of Mindfulness & Spirituality practices. Module Four invites you to integrate the Mystic Long Form, navigate the stages of a practice, refine your language for domain relevance, and adeptly measure outcomes. Let this module be a stepping stone in your journey towards becoming a proficient and inclusive Mindfulness & Spirituality guide.

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