1-1 Retreat with Mindfulness, Spiritual Wellbeing and Healing in Alicante Payments

Thank you for your application please use the payment options below to secure your place


Investment: €300 Deposit

Investment €950 full fee

The are a number of payment options:

For BANK TRANSFER Please Use the following IBAN and transfer into the Bank directly

(This IBAN is with Revolut in the bank of Lithuania its 20 characters long. If you are paying from Ireland or another country its important to change the destination Country sometimes to take this into account as most Irish IBANS are 22 Characters long)

IBAN: LT82 3250 0091 4439 2390 BIC: REVOLT21

For PayPal or Credit / Debit Cards there is an additional usage fee of 3.4%

Retreat Payment (+3.4% FEE)